Royal Decree

I have always bred for quality and health. This is my tradition and I have held fast to it throughout my breeding career. Every one of my adult Mi-Kis are DNA tested with proof of parentage. They are registered with the International Mi-Ki Registry (IMR) and the United Kennel Club (UKC). In addition, I am a member of the IMR’s Breeders’ Alliance. I adhere strictly to a breeders’ code of ethics to provide healthy, quality puppies. All of my dogs are microchipped and registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) with CHIC numbers which includes certification for eyes, heart and patella’s. Please find my dogs listed on the OFA Database website.

In addition to the health screenings and certifications, I strive to champion my adult Mi-Kis as I feel showing is an important aspect of being a good breeder. Although showing the dogs is not a requirement for breeding, I personally feel that it adds to the quality of my dogs. Having professionals judge my dogs against the breed standard keeps me on track as a breeder. It is not only the wins, which are nice, but it helps to promote the breed and helps educate people on how wonderful the Mi-Ki breed truly is.

All our dogs have gone through extreme scrutiny with extensive pedigree research back 15 generations to the original Mi-Ki foundation lines.

DNA proof of parentage has been followed through the generations also along with the Mars Wisdom Panels; our dogs have personally been added by Mars’ own Dr. Knox to the Mars Wisdom Database that make up the Mi-Ki DNA marker in which future Mi-Ki’s will be compared against.

Not all Mi-Ki’s tested are automatically added to this database, only ones confirmed as Mi-Ki’s are accepted.

The IMR also has stringent requirements for health and DNA background for approving any and all Mi-Ki’s into their registry, likewise AMRA also checks the backgrounds with DNA on the Mi-ki’s before any Mi-Ki is entered into their registry for registration. Only after all these stringent checkpoints can a Mi-Ki be entered into UKC.

Our dogs acceptance through all these stringent checkpoints can assure you that our dogs all meet the Mi-KI standards and requirements as genuine Mi-Ki’s.

Upon purchase of a puppy, I will provide each customer with the following:

  • A written, signed contract by both parties.
  • All health screening paperwork by a licensed veterinarian on your puppy.
  • Copies of the parents’ OFA certificates.
  • DNA proof of parentage on your puppy.
  • A lifelong commitment to each puppy we sell.
  • A one year written health guarantee on all our puppies sold.
  • Registration papers.
  • Pedigree
  • Records of vaccinations and wormings corresponding to the age of your puppy.
  • I am always here as a resource for questions, concerns, or advice throughout your puppy’s life.